Growing Brains

Four Towers

Fognik is a small but powerfully enchanted land. The Four Towers of Fognik are home to the highest level of enlightenment that a mortal can achieve. However, over the last age the Four Towers were mysteriously abandoned and Fognik left in disarray.

You and a small group of other demigods have come to rule Fognik and restore the Four Towers to its rightful place as a center of power. There can be only one ultimate ruler of this magical land.

Four clans of humans and a myriad of mysterious creatures inhabit Fognik. You can claim your power by having followers and using your influence to enlighten worthy peasants.

Those that climb beyond the blue mountains shall be enlightened and will reside in one of the four towers.

Those that claim the fiery depths of the red gorge shall find themselves cast as demons into the city of fire. The city of fire has dark powers and every new demon created also uses the dark power to convert a lord into a demon.

Train some of the humans as mercenaries, merchants and mountaineers to help your cause. Sacrifice your followers in the champion’s temple to gain the will of powerful creatures that inhabit this strange and varied land.

If you can use all of the tools at your disposal you could rule this mystical place and control the Four Towers!

Four Towers is an intense and unique strategy game for 2 to 4 players.

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The Cybosaur Games

Man had been on eternal quest to see how far they can twist their technological skills. DNA extraction and cloning allowed man to bring dinosaurs back to life. Advancements in AI, Cybernetics and Robotics extended the intelligence and power of already tremendously powerful creatures. This mashup of technological wizardry brought about the end of the reign of man and handed the torch over to the Cybosaurs.

Now every Earth year, elite teams of Cybosaurs from around the galaxy come together along with their flying drone assistants to compete in the Cybosaur Games. Challenges, battles and of course the survival games put each team of Cybosaurs to the test to see who is the smartest, strongest and fastest.

As a captain of a Cybosaur team you must weigh your options on which battles and challenges you will take and how you will prepare your team to be successful.